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Bulldozing death metal thuggery - 85%

Infernali, November 3rd, 2012

How the hell I missed this band over the last 20 years or so I have no idea and feel thoroughly ashamed of it too. Germany’s Obscenity is probably a familiar name to many but I wonder how many people have actually really listened to them. Their release rate has been relatively prolific with this album being number eight and offers direct riff bludgeoning death metal, but instead of resorting to the Swedeath style of slice and dice, these Germans prefer a more Floridian approach to their aural carnage. The production is truly colossal as the focus on driving riffs hits like an out of control jack hammer non stop. A short intro before “Erase The Divine” is unleashed with the ferocity of a rather annoyed Doberman, the speed is ultra-brutal with riffs arriving in swathes of unfettered primal violence.

The title track offers Malevolent Creation type sonic ruthlessness as the vocals dip down into Mr Corpsegrinder territory; pace is unbelievable. Why use a couple of riffs when you can use a handful as on “From Here To Depraved” which harnesses catchy drops in pace with a dynamic groove laden feast. As you get to “Perfect Pain” I put this album side by side with Cannibal Corpse’s “Torture” released earlier this year and honestly this wins hands down for sheer breathtaking song writing and musicianship. The calm start of “Perfect Pain” is infested with a mountain of double bass before Deicide blasting mayhem is slotted in. The lead work is also top rate here, slightly off character with the other songs. As with a lot of established death metal acts Obscenity’s view on production is focused on annihilating the listener with flawless execution and a supremely mixed but organic feel. This is a faultless display in death metal with “Diary Of A Scapegoat” balancing blindingly fast speed with catchy rhythms and beats. The closing tune, “Hysterical Illusion” had me scribbling Monstrosity with its impenetrable riffing and accompanying detonation. The riff break is accompanied by huge bomb blasts and a double kick follow through.

There are have been a great many top quality death metal releases in this year and this sits on top of this large pile with few parallels.

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