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Misanthropic Technical Deathgrind At It's Best - 100%

throatplug, July 13th, 2011

From the opening sample on “Born Into Decadence,” I already know this will be epic. Boy, was I correct. Right out, these dudes are throwing out superior technical riffing and some of the most punishing drumming I’ve ever heard. If I didn’t already know this was a human being, I would be very skeptical. The vocals are a vicious mix of high screams and lower growls. It all plays extremely well togerther and forms a melee of grinding madness. I can tell from this song alone that Oblivionized are a force to be reckoned with. This is how technical death grind is done. Take some fucking notes!

“Abhorrent Evolution” opens with insanely technical riffing and extraordinary drumming. I still cannot believe this drumming is by a human being. It’s so complex and spot-on that it seems that this could only be done by a machine. The riffing on this track is absolutely amazing and by that, of course, I mean it is face-melting. The vocals are sharp and terrifying and I love that. A nice solo comes in around 2:08. It’s kind of hard to concentrate on because of the insanity of the drumming, but it does have an amazing tone to it. The vocals towards the end of the track are fuzzy and haunting. Holy shit, I love this track. Killer.

“Subject to Extinction” picks up right where “Abhorrent…” left off. The drum beat never stops! Fucking right! We get a whole 33 seconds into the track before the complex riffing and pulverizing drumming comes in to blow a hole in my brain. The riffing is fantastic. The drumming is perfectly executed and it really makes it hard to headband because the tempo is moving at such an off-the-wall pace. Loving these low vocals. A killer solo comesin around 4:24 and comes through a lot better than the last one. Song after song, I keep getting amazed. Towards the end of this track there is a nice little breakdown. Not one of those bass-drop breakdowns that are oh so popular now. This is great. Amazing track. Amazing.

“A Modern Prometheus” opens with a bit of a hiss before a bit of ambient noise comes in followed by a sample from “I Am Legend” I think. When the band is in full effect, the result is a mind numbing grind attack. Fantastic technical riffing and eardrum-blowing blast beats. Vocals that remains sharp and merciless throughout highs and lows. The riffing is just astonishing. The drumming is still inhuman. I love the solo that comes in around 4:11. It’s quite beautiful, actually. It strangely fits very well with the blast beats accompanying it. The track fades out and I am left wanting more. Much, much more. I can’t get over how much I love this band based on this four song EP. I can’t wait until I can get ahold of a full-length album. Bravo, guys. Oblivionized is good in my book, that’s for sure.

Reviewed by me (Ross Gnarly) at American Aftermath (