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Pure, Original Vintage Death Metal - 94%

noveltyxcrosses, February 14th, 2007

I remember only a few years ago when I listened to this band for the first time. This album blew me away like none other. And it still gives me chills listening to it. Obituary was actually the first death metal band I remember listening to, and as I encountered many death metal bands over the years, Obituary did their best to stand out. "Slowly We Rot", their debut, is definite proof.

First off, starting with the vocals. John Tardy is like none other. He tends to remind the listener of Chuck Schuldiner, but with an added twist to it sometimes. It's rare that he will go guttural, but on tracks like "Godly Beings", that is just some proof. He may not be completely decipherable, but he makes Obituary worth a listen. The other Tardy brother, Donald Tardy, is excellent behind the drum kit. For example, listen to the beginning of "Intoxicated". Rather interesting if you ask me. Allen West is another person I have to give credit to for making such interesting guitar riffs and solos. The downtuned riffs he produces tend to paint a chaotic picture of the gruesome side of life. This is how a vintage death metal record should sound.

Do not miss out on Obituary and their works. I highly recommend for fans of other quality vintage death metal bands, such as early Death, Pestilence, Cancer, and early Gorguts.