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arrrrrrggghrrr - 78%

ironasinmaiden, February 4th, 2003

Obituary was one of the first graduates from the Florida death metal alumni... as Xecutioner they demoed heavily during the mid 80s, and after a well advised name change, the Obituboyz dropped Slowly We Rot in 89. Of the "class of 89" death metal records this is definitely my favorite... grinding, vicious guitars and a singer who could scare the shit out of any kindergarden class. Jon Tardy was always Obituary's most original aspect... NOBODY sounds like this guy.

The other interesting thing about Obituary's early days is that guitar sound... it sounds like they were running it through 4 metal zones with treble all the way up. Very sick, very headache inducing. After that mandatory "spooky sound collage" intro, Internal Bleeding rages forth in all it's hellish glory. Obituary are the one death metal band (well Malevolent Creation and Possessed...) that could have crossover appeal for thrash fans. I think this was the second or third DM CD i got into.

My favorite songs are Deadly Intentions and Slowly Ve ROOOAARRRT. The last riff in Til Death is a mindfuck as well... my only complaint is, although Slowly We Rot is massively heavy, that's pretty much all it is... the formula gets old pretty fast. Plus you can only handle that Tom Warrior on speed guitar sound for so long.