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Sludgy Death Metal, But Awesome Nonetheless - 85%

MorbidFlorist, December 7th, 2005


Although Obituary was the first band that introduced me to the incredible realm that is death metal, I found "Slowly We Rot" to be somewhat sludgy and really slow in some areas. Their brand of death metal is that slow, almost grungy type that I am not really fond of. I am more into the faster, more brutal, straight-for-the-jugular type of death metal that their Floridian peers seem to master (Deicide, Malevolent Creation, etc.). Not that I hate "Slowly We Rot", though, I just thought it was somewhat slow and it can be improved upon. That being said, I can move on to my review.

We start off with "Internal Bleeding" , which is not also a great song, but a good album opener. It starts with a really atmospheric sound effect that reminds me of being inside a morgue. This sound effect lasts for about thirty seconds, and after the suspense is over with, everything that I thought was "heavy music" is raped and thrown out the window. A barrage of noise and John Tardy's unnerving growl follows immediately afterwords. It's an awesome song, which sums up what the rest of "Slowly We Rot".

The next song, which is "Godly Beings", is another good song which features an awesome breakdown somewhere along the 1:13 mark. "Till Death" is another highlight from SLOWLY WE ROT, because John Tardy gets to exercise his disturbing growl a little more prominately than on previous songs. I think its one of their best numbers. The next song, which is the entire namesake for the album, "Slowly We Rot", I thought had really good music for the first forty seconds or so, before it was interrupted rudely by John Tardy's awesome growl. It's not the best song on the album, but it's memorable.

The rest of the album is pretty much the same formula (nonstop growling, slow but heavy music, etc), with nothing much standing out, except for "Immortal Visions" and "Words of Evil" being awesome headbanging material. I also thought that "Suffocation" had some weird vocal effect because it makes John Tardy sound like he's singing in an elevator.

Overall, I think SLOWLY WE ROT was okay, I would have given this album a higher rating if it were a bit more faster ( a la Morbid Angel). Anyone who's looking to hear how Death Metal sounds like, they can't go wrong with this offering.