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Estigia666, March 25th, 2003

Fuck, heavy AND brutal all at the same time without being silly. Modern death metal bands should learn from this album quite a bit.

The old school influence is so blatantly obvious. In ocassions, they do a better job being Celtic Frost than Celtic Frost themselves did at that time (this is 1989, the year when Vanity/Nemesis was released), like the title track for example, pure and simple Frost adoration the way only fans of Warrior's spawn can make. They draw some other influences from Possessed, Scream Bloody Gore era Death and have some similitudes with Massacre, specially in the lightning fast trem picking patterns (Allen West, Obituary's guitar player, was in that band for a while during their demo days. I can hear some of the same ideas in riffing that Massacre would show in their From Beyond album). Plus, the vocals are so fucking demented at times. If you think all that John Tardy is capable of are deep and low grunts, listen to the song "Gates to Hell" at the 1:47 mark to hear some fucking schizo screaming there.

So far as i can tell, this is Obituary's best record. The energy and feel of the band in this recording is something that they couldn't reproduce even in their immediately next efforts ("Cause of Death" being one, but that's another review altogether). The riffs are most of them winners, they grab you in the head in a way albums like "The Key" and "Morbid Tales" do. If you like GOOD death metal, you know, heavy as shit and consistent all the way through, this is your album. Even if you felt dissapointed with any of the other Obituary releases, i strongly recommend this one. Maybe not one of the genre's best, but it is too damn strong to be ignored.

Another comment before i end this review: as some of you must now, Obituary during their demo days were known as Xecutioner (pronounced "executioner"). That was a damn cool name, they should have stuck with it. Sure, "Obituary" is more suitable for a death metal band and all, but "Xecutioner" fucking slays. I can imaging myself in a gig shouting "Xecutioner, Xecutioner, Xecutioner..." then the lights going off and the band blasting "Internal Bleeding". UURRRRGGHHHH!!! Yeah, that's all.