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Slowly we dweeellllllll! - 93%

Chopped_in_Half, July 25th, 2006

What we have here is a slab of early Floridian Death Metal, this is Venom and Bathory, Celtic Frost all thrown into something meaner and nastier, this is the release that really started Obituary, before this, they had a few little known demo's as the band "Xecutioner" which formed around 84/85, and would later become, you guessed it, Obituary.

This was the first project for the legendary Death Metal producer, Scott Burns at Morrisound Studios in Tampa Florida, and you could tell this was his first project, allthough the sound is not terrible at all, he would certainly get better at it, check out "Sepultura - Arise" For his best production, but the production here fits, as this album is very raw, and mean.

"Internal Bleeding" Opens with a doomish intro, then finally, Tardys drums slam in, and Johns vocals come in, "EEEEUUUUUURRGHHHHH!" Fucking Killer!, the riff work in this song is excellent too, pretty midpaced, but it does speed up in spots, and a killer solo too, "Godly Beings" I could do without, it's not terrible, but theres much better songs to be found on this album, such as the next track "'Til Death" opens with another doomish intro, Donalds vocals eventually fade in, with Tardys vocals, and Trevor and Allen really tear it up here, as the riffs are very thrashy and heavy, and the soloing is just fucking killer, and of course, Johns vocals are killer as always, who knows what he's saying half the time, but it rules, "Slowly We Rot" Opens with yet another doom-like riff, and a church bell, this song just shreds, as there are more killer riffs and leads present, and Tardy really sounds like a madman on this one, indeed a classic.

"Immortal Visions" IS FAST AS FUCK!, Another shredder, one of the fastest on the album, especially in the beginning, more excellent riffs, and another killer solo, this album hardly lets up, "Gates to Hell" Holy fuck!, riffs that will just own you, and unmatched speed, this song is every Death Metalers dream, this song is short, but sweet, "Words of Evil" Is kind of stupid, too short, now "Suffocation" on the other hand, is another killer song, lots of Thrash riffs found here, now here is where you will hear the difference in production, reason being, the songs from here on in, were recorded later, after meeting with Monte, the sound is not as raw as the previous songs.

"Intoxicated" Is nothing short of awesome, opening with a drumroll, and then more killer riffs, and theres a killer break too, with a wicked cool groove riff, and the solo shred as well, "Deadly Intentions" Starts with a riff that is silimar to some of the riffs in the previous track, and wicked cool belts by Tardy as well, high piercing screams, and yet another creepy, shredding solo, the rest of the songs are good too, but it's more of the same, nothing really new to write something special about.

I do not believe this to be their best, for me it's the next album, but this one is sure a winner, it's original, heavy, and very cool sounding, if you're already a fan of Death Metal, and haven't heard this, get it, because you will love it, for those who aren't into Death Metal yet, try this out, it worked on me, so it could for you as well.