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Fundamental For Any Death Metal Fan - 95%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 10th, 2008

The very first Obituary album is a true classic. The violence here expressed by these young musicians was an example for the generation of deathsters to come. Everything here is so obscure, sick and brutal, starting from the bestial, animalistic John Tardy’s vocals…like none else…a trademark. The production is not so clean like the other, following albums but is perfect for the rotten atmosphere.

The beginning is one of the best in death metal with songs like “Internal Bleeding” and “Godly Beings”: the up tempo parts and the mid paced, already morbid as fuck, pbreaks are perfectly balanced with weird solos and catchy lines. The distorted screams in “’Till Death” have something of inhuman while the violent drums parts tear my limbs apart. When the band decides to point on the doom side there’s nothing on this world that could match them: pure sickness.

I've always considered them the “Celtic Frost” of death metal for their muddy guitars distortion and the down tempo, so typical of the Suisse band. The title track has made history in death metal with its main guitar riff and the following up tempo. “Gates To Hell” is another pure, great death metal song with vocals on the borderline between black metal and death at 1:47, during the refrain! The up tempo sections are incredible for malevolence.

What can be said for legendary songs like “Words Of Evil” (with a massive death metal riffage), the more thrash oriented “Suffocation” and the excellent drums work by Donald Tardy on “Intoxicated”? This is pure DEATH METAL. Period. Highly recommended for old school metal fans, and thrashers as well. A fundamental piece of history of this music.