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Ahhh, great - 92%

Zze, January 10th, 2005

Ahhhh man, how of a great album Cause of Death is... I finally decided to PAY Obits for this CD and to actually buy the real CD instead of only having the MP3 because this album is really cool to that point. it all starts with a beautyful yet very macbre drawing and the music contains some effects in between the songs that seemingly try to "emulate" all the atmosphere that this cover creates in our brains.
The sound, pure Death Metal brilliance, delicious riffs, songs like "Chopped in Half" and "Dying" "Find The Arise" are actual examples of how death metal bands should sound like, these songs sound agonizing, depressive, dark songs but still with the aggression that is characteristic of Obituary, I´d say its aggressive, dense, but its not "putrid" Death Metal like Napalm Death or Suffocation for example, and that may be the reason I liked both Cause of Death and Slowly We Rot so much even not being a real death metal fan. The music altought already being clearly death metal with a very dense ( thanks to Scott Burns ) sound still carries some euro-thrash root ( I mean, the Thrash/Death Metal of bands like early Kreator and Sodom ) and do not dwell in the straight gutural brutality of most of the so called "brutal death metal" bands. The voice of Trady is wonderful, aggressive ( sounds like a lion punking his last meal ) intense, but without falling onto the "cookie monster" cliche of death metal of sounding like an angry bear all the time. Don´t be mislead by the label "death metal" if you´re not a death metal fan but is still into Kreator, Slayer you´ll certainly dig this and "Slowly We Rot".