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Guess who plays leads and win a prize - 58%

Estigia666, April 26th, 2003

James Murphy, from Spiritual Healing fame, he plays lead guitar on this. Is it important? Yes, because is one of the only things that makes this album worth having. While his solos are not as varied as the ones on Spiritual Healing, they do work from time to time, before getting old or dull because of the soft guitar tone he use for the leads, kind of like Dave Murray's tone. Just picture it...on a death metal album, and you'll see what i mean.

As for the rest...there's your pretty good cover found here. Guess from which band it is, win another prize. Generally more death metal-ish than the original, plus better production (than the original) and much, much better lead guitar. All and all, better than the original, IMO, but hear it for yourself and do your own judgement.

The rest of the album loses in great part because of the excessive use of mediocre riffs, if we compare it with its predecessor. Just hear the first track, "Infected". Fucking slow and plodding (some may say is a good thing), then the lead guitars come to save the day. That's pretty much what happens frequently here: the solos save the rest of the music, that is before you get bored of the tone James uses.

Highlights: "Memories Remains" (great chorus), "Find the Arise" (pretty short, though) and "Turned Inside Out". There. And don't expect to find anything special on the remaster, other than three demo versions which were recorded before Murphy's entrance on the band (without lead guitars, of course and half of the vocals that were on the final product).