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Zombie-like - 100%

mrdanteaguilar, June 17th, 2011

No need for blast beating or breakdowns. Also forget about 8 string guitars or bass guitars tuned to drop G. There's just no need. Hell no, Obituary manages to create the sludgiest, heaviest death metal sound with their regular 6 string guitars and 4 string bass tuned to D standard. Back From The Dead is easily one of my favorite death metal albums ever along with Six Feet Under's Haunted with twisted guitar passages, sickening vocals, groovy Celtic Frost style drumming, and disgusting lyrics, so you should definitely add it to your metal collection. Even if you're not the biggest metal fan, you still have to possess this true gem for you shall never regret it.

John Tardy has delivered some of the sickest roars without going to the deepest human vocal range or using any sort of vocal distortion and no exception is to be found here. Starting with the self-titled song Back From The Dead which features his classic monster roaring, creating a perfect zombie apocalypse atmosphere to crush some skulls and drink some freshly spilled blood. Regardless of the fact that he never changes his style, never does high pitched screams, gurgles, or pig squeals, John Tardy makes every song brutal and utterly heavy.

His brother Donald Tardy is definitely one of my main drumming inspirations, playing the most primitive yet aggressive beats with solid as fuck chops everywhere. The drums are perfect. Donald knows exactly what to play and when to do it and his drum kit has a very nice tone. He's able to craft some truly menacing sound with mean drum patterns all over the album with songs like Lockdown, Platonic Disease, and By The Light. The cymbals sound is perfect and the bass drum is just devastating. And don't forget the constant hardcore punk passages that Download and Threatening Skies demonstrate with steady d beats.

What makes this album truly special though is the abominable guitar work (in a good way). Somehow the riffs never get old. In fact, every time I listen to this album it feels more fresh and threatening due to the supreme riffs played throughout. Every track fills your ears with something completely different and unique. Besides, the gritty guitar tone makes it a million times better. There's a balanced bass and treble sound and enough reverb to make the most metal-sounding tunes. That and the bone chilling solos will live inside your head for days, maybe weeks, making the guitar work overall outstanding. In addition, the bass tone is crunchy and heavy yet perfectly audible. Don't expect the most technical bass slap techniques here, just old school metal bass that will make your speakers vibrate and your house shake, so I don't see why so many people dislike this album. I guess it's just not their taste. They can't really understand the groove that Back From The Dead oozes with every second.