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Oh bitch... you're weary! - 60%

MorbidAtheist666, September 3rd, 2004

This album is Obituary's weakest album. I think it's below average. They can do better. I know they can. This is not the Obituary I know! Why did they release it? This is the worst Obituary studio album, hands down.

John Tardy's vocal performance is below average on this one. He's not that aggressive as he was on World Demise or previous ones. He doesn't sound really angry. You can definitely understand what he says on this one. You may hear some good growls on some of the songs, but that's about it. In the beginning of Platonic Disease, John does a good growl. In one point in Pressure Point he gains some momentum, but then sounds horrible in the long run. He sounds like he's litterally dying on this one!

The songs drag on Back From The Dead. To name a few, Download (you might as well download that one, it's bad), Rewind, and Feed On The Weak are songs that drag on and on. I like the fact that they sound sludgey... but they made other sludgy songs that did not drag on.

What's about with the song Bullituary (remix)? First of all, what happened to the original one? I want to listen to the original one! They should of included both versions on it. If there's a remix of the song, where's the original? That makes no sense. The remix is not fun to listen to. It's got really bad riffs on it. Plus, rappers are present on there! Yes, that's right, rappers in death metal song! I guess it was going to happen any day. I can tolerate some rappers, but they were just horrible nobodies! If they had some respectable rappers like Chuck D. or even Dr. Dre on there. Rap and death metal don't exactly mix. I'm sure in a few years, there will be a death metal act that will have rappers present on one of their songs.

If you got the enhanced version of this CD, don't expect something ultra cool out of it. Don't put it in your machine, it's not worth it! Nothing is special on there. It's not the making of the album. It would of been great if they made

Bottom line about this album is that Obituary is showing some signs of John Tardy and the gang slowing down. Hopefully, their next album (coming out in '05, possibly) will be much more aggressive with better riffing.