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Gone dead - 60%

Kalelfromkrypton, December 14th, 2007

This was the last recording from the Obies back in 1997. Eight years have passed since they reunited to start working on Frozen In Time which pretty much follows the same line from BFTD of rhythm death metal with down-tunned distortion and less speedy songs.

What we get is an uninspired album and something that is far away from death metal, no matter how evolved it came to be. It was obvious that there was not much union in here, no power, no aggressiveness, no intelligent songs and nothing left. The only fast song is Threatening Skies and it has a punk feeling that is just annoying, and don’t forget that its length is 2:19min. so it could be an intro or a 70s punk song. By the Light follows and the slowlyness begins. Although I like the distortion of the guitars because of the doom feeling they have and we find some interesting riffs they lack power. I guess since The End Complete and World Demise were that successful they focused on more rhythm driven songs, which is ok but we expected more death metal in here, a-la old school. Platonic Disease is a mid tempo with double bass drums and it is an average song. Rewind follows the same line with slow passages ala Candlemass. The solos are no slashing any more because they are more rhythm driven which I consider another flaw on the album or, in other words, less points for BFTD. Feed on the Weak is again a doomy song and it is a totally filler to me. Lockdown follows the same path as Platonic Disease and so and so forth until we get to Back from the Dead and I say: what a damn boring song to close! I mean, it has no spirit at all, it is too slow and honestly I find it totally empty. At this point there is nothing left to say about al album that was kind of a farewell to one of the best death metal bands ever but no, there is more, an annoying rap in Bullituary and I do not comprehend why death metalers used to incorporate rap, Crimson Thorn did it too and honestly it is a complete nonsense.

The Tardy brothers are still in shape and the vocals are pretty good, the vomitory feeling is still there thou not so heavy as before to fit the music. I still love the drumming parts because I rather prefer rhythm and technical drums with textures instead of just fast and double bass drumming without any enjoyable parts. Tardy still manages to keep me interested listening to what he does. The production is good thou not the best.

I think that even with the awesome cover which makes you think you get death metal ala Cannibal Corpse you get fooled. This release can appeal to young death fans and modern metal but not to those who actually like ripping death metal because this is really boring so my friends, Obituary did not get back from the dead or the direction with this album but instead, they were straight into the pit to be buried alive…or dead!