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Should've called it quits after World Demise - 20%

Chopped_in_Half, July 12th, 2006

This album is just a big BLAH, coming off the good "World Demise", I thought they would follow suit on this, and they didn't, this album just seems uninspired, like they didn't even try, I know Obituary can do much better than this, Most of the riffs (there are a few here and there that are somewhat good) just seem boring, flat, nothing to them, I would say that this is because Allen West spent to much time in that crappy band "Six Feet Under", and tried to incorperate in Obituary what he did with Six Feet Under, did not work obviously, the production is not that good, and Tardys vocals sound off...WAY off.

"Threatening Skies" Is short, and this song is pretty good, it sounds promising here, decent riffs, a nice solo, decent aggression, "By The Light" is pretty good too, even a bit better than Threatening Skies, the main riff is nice and catchy, the solo is good, this makes it look even more promising, "Inverted" is heavy, but fails to get the job done, just kind of boring, "Platonic Disease" is where the shit starts to hit the fan, there is nothing very good about this song, just a bunch of boring, flat riffs, no speed...just flat out boring.

The rest are pretty much all the same, the songs from Platonic Disease on in, just seem boring, dragged out, and "Bullituary"? GIVE ME A BREAK, this is totally worthless, it's "By The Light" remixed...with yes, RAP ARTISTS!, it does NOT work at ALL!, they took one of the only good songs on here, and ruined it, for SHAME!.

Can you imagine one of the biggest Obituary fans giving one of their albums a 20? (Only for the first 2 songs), but I cannot help it, this album is a disgrace, trust me, stick with the previous albums and Frozen in Time (The album after this) is much better, it's kind of what this should have been.