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Their Worst Album - 73%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, September 22nd, 2007

This album from Obituary is quite different from the ones before. Well, after the great World Demise I was expecting something more from this great death metal band…but…To be honest I don’t hate this album (they’re always Obituary) but it sounds a bit “tired” and written too fast. Maybe after 3 years from their work before, the fans were asking for new material and the band was forced to write songs in a short period. I must say that, even not being so bad, this is their worst effort.

The opening track “Threatening Skies” is quite fast but extremely simple and predictable…well, from this band you cannot expect so technical parts but I must expect better ones!! The following “By The Light” song tries to be more evil and rotten with the mid paced riffs in typical Obituary style; the goal has been achieved, but not completely being a bit boring, but not bad; with a faster part in the middle.

“Inverted” song is in my opinion one of best ones here, with its strange, evil solos and a great fast part with a true fast solo. This song woke me up a bit, pure headbanging! The industrial atmospheres, so great in World Demise, unfortunately, are gone away, and with them a part of the true, evil atmosphere that is a trademark for every Obituary album.

John Tardy at vocals is still great and in tracks like “Platonic Disease”, or the punkish “Download” his voice is powerful and always gives something more to the music, creating a sick atmosphere. “Rewind” song is heavy, but a bit repetitive…sometimes the band is able to create the right doom atmosphere, while in other parts is too boring (“Feed On The Weak”).

The riff on the title track is very good, so rotten and sick but if it’s done 26457 times it becomes a bit boring! I don’t want even to say anything for “Bullituary” song. This is total crap! The song is filled with rap (!!??) voices and so on. I hate the fucking rap music!

Anyway this is not a bad album, but it’s too boring in some parts while some songs should be deleted from my and Obituary’s mind (should I say which ones?!). Surely this is not like their works before or after it.