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Not as bad as many people say it is... - 83%

AGodOfLies, June 21st, 2005

I really don't understand why this album is as underrated as it is. People bitch and moan about bands changing their style, but people also bitch and moan about bands not changing their style. Obituary have not changed a bit since their debut, and I really don't mind that.

I am personally a big fan of John Tardy's vocals. It breaks the boundaries of what Death Metal vocals should sound like. They aren't gutteral bellows from hell, rather, 'gutteral', high pitched, growling screams. Hard to explain. Imagine a drunk Adolph Hitler on speed, prehaps? I like them.

The riffs here are chunky, heavy, with lots of low-end and boom. Not as insanley technical as say, Gorguts, but not the stark simplicity of early Death. Just monster-riffage. The drumming is also good. The blast-beats aren't constant, but still manage to sound as brutal as any other Death Metal band you wish to compare them to. (That does not mean Obituary's drummer is as good as any Death Metal drummer. Pete Sandoval makes this guy look like a 3 Year Old banging on that drumset in the middle of the store).

The songs are really good, and fuckin' catchy. 'Threatning Skys' is heavy as all hell, with some good riffs. 'By The Light' is probably the best song on the album, with excellent riffs and a very catchy chorus. 'The Platonic Disease' has some of John Tardy's best vocal work from the album, and the Bullituary Remix sucks fucking dick.

Basically, I give this an 83 for the shitty-ass remix at the very end of the album, a few poopy songs ('Download' comes to mind), and stale lyrics. Not bad, not bad at all. But they can't, and never will, touch the godly status of say, Morbid Angel or Suffocation.