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Want someone to like Obituary? - 88%

Wra1th1s, April 22nd, 2008

Title says it all! This is the album to get for someone absolutely clueless about Obituary or death metal. Every album (up to this of course, and no Dead) is included giving you a real showcase of Obituary and some damn fine Floridian death metal! Hell, even a track from the Xecutioner days is here! And what would metal band's 'best of' be without at least one bonus track? Well worthless, but this package has two!

"GET OUT(echoes)!!! FIND THEEE ARIIIISE!! KILL AT FIRST SIIIIIGHT!" Welcome friends, to Obituary and to the BEST growler in the history of ever (yep, beats Tagtgren's, Becerra's, Schuldiner's, Boman's, Barnes'...well you get the picture)! The demo version from the Xecutioner days starts off this album and I pretty much love Obituary after that. This version is different from the Cause of Death version with a different intro and ending and some other slight variations. Then the songs progress from the legendary Slowly We Rot to Back From the Dead. Great selection, but they put it in a weird order. In fact, all of the tracks are not in their original orders, but I'm sure Jon (John?) Tardy has his own reasons. But all the 'classics' (sic) are here. "'Til Death", "Slowly We Rot", "Cause of Death", "Turned Inside Out", "The End Complete" and all the others are definitely some of the best songs from their original albums (Slowly We Rot, Cause of Death and The End Complete). The bonus tracks I mentioned before are a cover of Venom's "Buried Alive" made feckin' scary thanks to Tardy's roars and a remix of "Boiling Point".

Discussing production is a moot point since this is a compilation, so I'll just end this the way I started it: Want someone to like Obituary? Then buy this, it's worth every cent. Oh and the cover is heavy fuckin' metal to boot!