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Obduktion - Awaiting the Wicked - 94%

Edmund Sackbauer, March 5th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Goressimo Records

Here is another quite compact review for a short but nevertheless tasty piece of metal mayhem. This time we got another winner from the beautiful country of Greece which is home to some of the most exciting music that has been produced over the past few years. So it does not come as a surprise that “Awaiting the Wicked” is another stunning example of traditional death metal. What surprised me though is the fact that Obduktion have been making music together for more than two decades and beside having released a bunch of demos, splits and EPs this is already full length number four.

While Obduktion play it quite safe here and do not try to reinvent the wheel they have produced a thundering piece of hard and aggressive music. The sound is very raw and filthy putting enough dirt into the music. The riffing is straight-forward for most parts departing from the main path only in exceptional cases. Similarities can be mainly drawn to US bands like Obituary etc. There is something about the stoic nature of the trademark chords in combination with the rattling drum patterns that feels fascinating and hypnotical.

The tempo is kept within the mid-tempo region for the most part with a few well-placed groovier parts. Those slower sections as well as some dark sounding harmonies are great for building a sinister atmosphere. Often those parts are accompanied by great solos before the main riffs kick back in. The drumming is on point keeping the tempo with ease and adding some nice fills without ever getting to chaotic. The guys have a feeling for songwriting knowing when to ramp up the intensity and when to relax a little bit. The structure of the tracks is pretty straight-forward without coming across as being too simple or boring.

One aspect that can make or break an old school death metal band is the singer. I am glad to report that Takis is a great talent. His tone is reminding of Dave Hunt or Ola Lindgren and his delivery is top notch. Although he is roaring like an ancient beast each word can be perfectly understood. Unfortunately this is not always the case these days with actual releases.

With a playing time of less than 30 minutes “Awaiting the Wicked” is not necessarily the longest album. However, what really counts is the quality of the music which is top notch here. The production is also powerful with a lot of punch and the mix being perfectly clear. Fans of that raw and straight-forward death metal sound that has been produced by bands like Benediction or Bolt Thrower in the past should take notice and put this album on their list.