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Depressive and Heavy Black Metal - 95%

Cloud0129, January 31st, 2009

I was very pleased with Oathean's debut album, The Eyes of Tremendous Sorrow. I was also fond of its re-release and the third album, Fading Away into the Grave of Nothingness. So I decided to get this album when it came out a few months later, after hearing other metal bands that made releases in the same year.

I was simply amazed. These guys show us that they have even more talent on this record than they did on their previous releases, which they showed a impressive amount of.

Now I will go on with the review of the album itself.

All the songs have superb, technical riffs and are tuned to have a more death metal sound with black metal vocals, giving them a more unique sound, which is rather uncommon for traditional black metal. The songs are rather long, spanning around 7 minutes long at average, giving them a more progressive metal sound, which is also rare among black metal. The solos are also hard to do, although they are not present much.

Another thing that is unusual with this band is the use of traditional Korean folk instruments such as the haegeum and daegeum.

Overall, this is an amazing album, and is a must-have for anyone that is into black metal.