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Atmospheric, Epic and Highly Recommended - 95%

Osgilliath, September 2nd, 2006

Oak Helm, hailing from Portland Oregon, are just one of the fantastic bands from that region. With their brothers (and sisters) from Agalloch, Velvet Cacoon, Oak Helm can certainly hold their own with these big names.

The band plays a great bland of viking metal, black metal and for good measure, include some beautiful acoustic folk passages. The riffing is powerful and epic, perfectly complementing the atmosphere of the songs. From folky leads to blistering tremolo, to galloping melodic riffs this album does not disappoint instrumentally. The drums are well executed, and feature similar range and talent as the guitar would.

The vocals are fantastic too. While better on Immram than Of Wood and Blood. Those who don't like clean vocals in black metal will surely be converted as the strong Nordic singing, a la Isengard, is powerful and deep. Naturally you have your black metal harshness, again a perfect complement to the music.

This is why the album recieved such a high rating; all the components work together to create seamless black metal art. Since it's free to listen on their Myspace, I highly recommend you do so.