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Nux Vomica > A Civilized World > Reviews > tomcat_ha
Nux Vomica - A Civilized World

A piece of drama filled punk. - 87%

tomcat_ha, June 8th, 2017

Nux Vomica were a neocrust punk band from the US. They released a bunch of albums, eps and splits between 2003 and 2014. As you might know neocrust normally speaking isn't metal. However neocrust bands takes the classic crust formulae and add elements from other styles of music. Nux Vomica in particular would add screamo and elements from various metal subgenres. This record however still resides mostly in the crust punk world. On their following releases they would take in more metal elements. The metal parts that do exist on this album range from Maidenesque gallops to thrash metal like riffs. I can see how some people would think that melodic death metal also influenced this record. However the parts that could be interpreted as such take more from screamo and especially from Swedish crust punk bands such as Wolfbrigade. It seems that the biggest direct source of inspiration for the band was Tragedy. Of course Tragedy themselves sound very Swedish.

The main strength of this album is the diversity. While it is a definitely a crust punk album. The songs slowly build and then morph into something different in a very well structured manner. The band couples their ideas regarding song structures with parts that are melodically speaking screamo derived. As a result we get some epic and dramatic sounding songs. Fall of Efrafa seemingly took this all as an inspiration and would perfect what the band had started on this album.

While the rest of the band quite successfully creates this dramatic atmosphere the vocals sound like they are being done by a 2nd rate Tompa Lindberg. I don't want to suggest that the rest of the band completely nailed everything on this record. Their “mistakes” just means that what they are doing is very good. The vocals just are a step behind in terms of quality. Not enough to be a major issue but still definitely noticeable.

After this album Nux Vomica would continue to lead the neocrust pack. They would release some of the very best albums of the wider neocrust world. Sadly the vocals would continue to be a slight flaw. However is it not better to be a very good to excellent band with a flaw than a flawless band with nothing exciting to offer?