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Blessed Are the Fornicators for They Shall Kill You Slow - 60%

Cat III, January 14th, 2020

With one side of the cover depicting crucified Jesus being dismembered as an EGD is performed on him via succubus tail while the opposite side shows a backwards glancing dominatrix bitch in stilettos and fishnets, this split record promises nothing unusual for either band, with the only quirk being the 5' size. For Nunslaughter's “Kill You Slow”, the wax provides ample space to send up a flurry of tremolo picking splattered with a few shorn and shearing riffs, James Sadist's working class drumming, and Don “of the Dead” Crotsley's cacodemonic snarl. “Blessed to Fornicate” doesn't show Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium's Alexey Prosalov at his best, either for drumming or his mealymawed grunts, but it's really Maria Kurnosova's show, in which she displays numerous ways to bonk your brains with her bass, from a wall of rumble to hopping riffs to ominous sounds of slow gnashing to drawing out prongs of feedback.