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Numidian Killing Machine > Psychotronik Breakdown > Reviews > Uccen_asmoth
Numidian Killing Machine - Psychotronik Breakdown

As they march... A new dawn is here - 93%

Uccen_asmoth, November 19th, 2023

In the Algerian metal scene, an album stands out like a massive musical storm, breaking the usual rules and taking the listener on a whole new journey: 'Psychotronik Breakdown'. Right from the start, the intro in the ancient Numidian language whisks you away to a distant time before the instruments kick in. This sets the scene for an intense and wild experience, making it the peak of Algerian metal.

The instrumentation gradually takes the reins, guiding listeners towards uncharted territories. The second track "Blood and Iron - The Reborn Kreation", akin to a sonic catapult, plunges them into a fantastical dystopia, brilliantly illustrating the album's central concept. It's a violent ballet, a dance between chaos and illusion. The tracks, in an extreme speed/thrash style, turn out to be works of precision, combining well-crafted melodies and impeccable structure. The vocals are captivatingly virtuosic, shaping a soundscape in which the listener surrenders to an immersive sensation of apocalypse.

At a crucial point in the album, in a song like 'Hell E-ktronik Messiah', there's a dark feeling, hinting at something dangerous and obscure force coming. Then the instruments take over again, bringing a mix of intense musical power that captures that feeling of chaos. These tracks, in a very fast and aggressive style, are incredibly precise, mixing detailed melodies with perfect structure. 'Dev-Illusion' is a great example of this. And 'Numidian Prophecy' is like a whirlwind of sound, especially with those guitar solos that seem to shake your heads.

So it can be said that 'Psychotronik Breakdown' transcends expectations and shakes the foundations of algerian metal scene. It heralds a musical revolution, a brutal renaissance where the Numidian warriors, through their art, outline the contours of a new, enchanting, and gripping era.