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From the Apocalyptic City Streets - 80%

TheStormIRide, September 29th, 2015

Formed by a group of Detroit scene veterans, Nuke is a raw speed metal band that thrives on filth and sleaze. With current and former members of Acid Witch, Shitfucker, Temple of Void, Perversion, Reaper and Anguish, Nuke’s line up reads like a who’s who of Detroit’s vibrant underground scene. The band’s debut demo, Delta City, was released as a limited cassette through Dystopian Dogs and features five tracks of contagious, unrelenting speed metal.

Delta City was recorded live in 2013 at Powertime Studios and, as the band proudly displays in the credits, all fuck ups are intact. While that would usually be a glaring flaw for many bands, the unedited, untouched sound adds to the unrepentant feel of the demo. Galloping double kicks and frenetic fills move along briskly, giving way to the dynamic, punchy guitar duo. Crunchy, rollicking palm muting merges with harmonized guitar leads, sounding extremely polished and catchy despite the rangy sound quality. A majority of the demo thrives on fast paced speed metal riffing with a hint of thrash and punk, but those leads really bring a keen sense of melody to the high octane street melody, like the early Iron Maiden tinged harmonies on “Hell Rider”.

Nuke really brings that signature Detroit sound to their demo, but with a lineup like the band has it’s really no surprise. The vocals, courtesy of Shitfucker’s Richie Riot, are a maniacal mix of mid range snarling growls and groans and some really frenetic falsettos. When mixed with the high energy riffing, throbbing bass lines and rollicking percussion, the entire offering plays through like an auditory tour through the streets of Detroit.

Fans of raw and rangy speed metal should find plenty to dig into here. There’s plenty of catchy, head-banging riffing on display and tons of leather and denim clad attitude. Fans of the members’ other bands should definitely look into this demo, but, really, the fans of the lowbrow street dwelling speed metal of bands like Whipstriker, Midnight, Sabbat and Gehennah should dig right in. Delta City is a caustic and frenetic blend of heavy metal with more than a dash of blackened aesthetics. Being that this was recorded in 2013 and released in 2015, one can only hope that Nuke will be dropping another bomb soon.

Written for The Metal Observer.