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Fairies and Stuff - 65%

PhilosophicalFrog, December 3rd, 2014

Nuit Noire has always been an incredibly bizarre band - with roots in raw black metal, then shifting slightly more to a black metal punk cover band, and then going off the deep end with Infantile Espieglery. That album was like listening to the offspring of Satanic Warmaster and the early UK punk scene's baby. The music wasn't even close to black metal as most people know - it was just a guy sort of scream/singing over some incredibly awesome punk riffs. Calling it "faerie punk" just added to the ridiculousness of it all - and yet, through the strange stuff, Nuit Noire managed to make some compelling and instantly memorable tunes. Admittedly, I like the direction that Tenebras has taken the band - it's sort of the proto-Raspberry Bulbs/White Medal/Roman Cross thing that everyone seemed to eat up a few years back. The handrawn cover art, crude but charming - like the sketchbook belonging to a sixteen year old skunk haired and anime watching teen girl - adds a lot to the perpetual youthfulness and out of time agelessness Tenebras and whatever company he currently keeps sings about.

What's weird about this split is that it's arguably the most "black metal" thing that they've done. "Opening the Portal" has a riff that wouldn't sound out of place on a Judas Iscariot or early Marduk album - very gloomy, drenched in minor chords, but oddly uplifting and menacing. Alternating between blasting beats and a basic rock beat, it doesn't really have much going for it, other than the fact that both of those riffs happen to be pretty darn good. It's weird to see an intro on an eight minute split, but it seems to fit, as if Nuit Noire couldn't just do the normal thing and go right into their main contribution.

"Faerie Punk" is just a classic black metal song - in spite what the name suggests. It's blasting, tremolos, excellent harmonies that slither in and out - alternating with one overtakes the other. It's actually an incredibly badass song - so much so, that Tenebras weirdo shout/singing doesn't detract from the inherent energy and evil of the tune itself. It's a really bizarre and precarious line to toe - creating music between evil and childish and weird, and I think Nuit Noire is literally the only band out right now that does it that way. The melodies pack a punch, and reach out for your throat, but instead of choking you, they start to tickle you. It's like having a jail cell partner covered in bizarre tattoos and is incredibly built, but all he wants to do is talk about Magic the Gathering. Just a weird juxtaposition, but instead of coming off as stupid, it comes off earnest and genuine.

His Electro Blue Voice, on the other hand, play Christian Death Worship - which, if you're going to worship one band, that's a really good one to worship. Alternating between post-punk riffs, bass heavy melodies, samples and reverb drenched vocals, HEBV does a spectacular job at adding to the weirdness, but not sounding out of place on a split with very black metal songs present. "Call" is a serpentine song, with a really driving and sinister sounding melody that just courses underneath the full on goth rock guitar work. After checking out some other works, I can safely say that any fan of Bauhaus, Christian Death, or Sister of Mercy would probably dig this song - even if the album sounds like it was produced in a tin can.

Overall, this is one of the weirder splits I've heard - and I actually completely forgot I bought it until this review challenge, as I started to peruse my old collection. If you can find it, definitely pick it up. It's one of the better ways to kill ten minutes, and actually a fairly good introduction to both bands. If you're bored, looking for new takes on black metal, or just want to see where the blend of punk and metal that inspired so many USBM acts came from, I highly recommend this.