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A match made in hell - 95%

Vuurgeest, April 19th, 2011

This record lives and breathes strangely. The sleeve is simply photocopied onto regular cardboard, no colours, no luxury at all.

The actual music consists mainly of very simple and repetitive black metal riffing with matching drums. Don't get me wrong though, the instruments are well played and the monotony of the music is not due to a lack of skill in the musicians but a carefully chosen style. The repetitive music is contrasted with high-pitched, punk-like singing reminiscent of early eighties punk and goth vocalists. The singer actually sounds like he is somewhat autistic or otherwise not in his right mind (think Virgin Prunes, for instance). Even though they shift a bit more than the instruments in style, the vocals are still pretty repetitive, making this a single that you need to get into a little bit before you can fully enjoy it, but in the end you are left with a very satisfying experience of estrangement.

Buy this wherever you see it if you like atmospheric black metal or early goth/punk.