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A real beautiful belief... - 100%

thehappyJ, March 24th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2014, 12" vinyl, Prison Tatt Records (Limited edition)

Well, it's been March 2014 when I got into Nuit Noire. First, I bought "Infantile Espieglery". It was kinda hard for me to get into this kind of music. But the more I was listening to it, the more I enjoyed it. And then, in May or June I think, I saw that "Prison Tatt Records" was about to release "A Beautiful Belief". First I thought that this is some kind of a best of-album, but it turned out that there is a completely new EP was coming out.

"A Beautiful Belief" comes with seven new songs of this French project. When I was listening to the snippets on the "Prison Tatt" website, I already thought that this release will differ from the ones before. And it really does. Tenebras' voice sounds a little safer on this record and there is one song ("Petite Fille Fée") that is some kind of an acapella song.

The rest of this records is just like Nuit Noire was all the time. Some catchy riffs, mostly very fast and punkish drums and a voice that, at first sight, doesn't seem to fit the music. On "How To See Faeries" Tenebras was adding a guitar that sounds like an unplugged electric guitar to play the melody of the song. That gives a whole new feeling to the song.

Also it feels like this EP was created as some kind of concept release. "Petite Fille Fée" and "Keep Your Fäerie" seem to be connected musically. The whole release is like something that Nuit Noire has never done before. It all seems to be one, the songs all seem to show you the "Beautiful Belief" that the title speaks of. It is like Tenebras is trying to make the imagination of the fairies he's singing about lively. Not in a ridiculous way, as a lot of people may think.

All in all this EP was one of the best releases Nuit Noire ever made. It has some real great and memorable tracks (speaking of "How To See Faeries" and "What's The Next Night Gonna Be?") on it. The music of Nuit Noire may not be the most technical when it comes to the music, but he really creates an atmosphere that a band with the best quality of recording couldn't do in years. I really recommend "A Beautiful Belief" to all the people that like Nuit Noire and try to get into it! This EP is a great way to get into the music of Nuit Noire.