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Absolutely good enough to make one curious - 75%

morbert, October 29th, 2009

Even though promoted as being a full length release, with 7 songs in less than 22 minutes this album feels like an EP. Not a bad thing since Nuestros Derechos are quite good in the studio but don’t entertain as much as they can pull off live.

Nuestros Derechos are an energetic bunch. So energetic even their slower compositions and ideas simply fit in when playing live. On an album however the listener is having more trouble paying attention the whole time. Making things worse is a certain kind of stylish indecisiveness plaguing some songs and an unfortunate tame production.

The basis on their music lies firmly in late eighties thrash, ancient death metal and a clear hint of crossover. Lead vocalist Jerry has a lot in common with early day Messhuggah while Janet clearly screams with an eighties underground punk punch to it. On Insomnia and Nazgûl the two-way vocals also really give the composition an extra push.

It’s the longer sections and some modern, even Gothenburg-orientated, some-melodic riffs which tend to make songs like Devil's Repent and Deimos drag a bit and emphasise the indecisiveness. The dry production doesn’t do them good either. Fortunately we have a fair amount of songs here on which their combination of styles and shared vocals work out perfectly with Nazgûl being the best song easily.

It’s songs like Spam, Nosferatu and Nazgûl which come closest to the impact and focus Nuestros Derechos achieve when playing live yet are still performed too nicely and neat. Let’s hope a next studio release has more focus on energy instead of trying to play each note perfectly, a more clear direction style-wise (or a more natural blend throughout all the songs) and especially a heavier or at least vile production.

Not saying this is a bad release, far from it. One just knows they can do so much better and hopefully this release is an omen of marvellous things to come.