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Nuclear Warfare - We Come in Peace


Warfare, September 23rd, 2007

What an improvement for this young german thrashers! "War is unleashed" by no means was a bad album, just hitting you with enjoyable, sometimes a bit repetitive old school thrash metal. Well, the style has'nt changed, it's definitely the same band performing here, but simply better!

In fact, you get a mix between the old german sound known from Kreator or Sodom and the mid 80ies american thrash style like Exodus, Anthrax, Sacred Reich or Overkill. So expect a lot of heavy staccato riffing and an aggressive atmosphere of chaos. You won't miss the second guitar here, which was still present on the first album. Guitar player Listl is doing a great job to exert a lot of variation in the riffs and solos. I have absolutly no complaint about the technical aspects of this album, they all really know how to play. Compared to "War is unleashed" there's a lot more changing in tempo and rythms on "We come in peace". 80% of this album beats you with tight high speed drumming and chainsaw like riffs but you'll find some heavy stomping parts here and there to keep the songs interesting. Headbanging is guaranteed here!!!

The high scream vocals sometimes remind me of Schmier or Mille and add a lot of aggression to the songs. Nucleator sounds even more pissed off and harsh than on the debut album. On the other hand there's absolutly no melody to find, he just screams everything along in the same pitch. To me, that's OK, 'cause it just sounds angry and energetic. Again most of his lyrics are dealing with war in a sometimes very critical or even political way. They should stick to this, it's the back bone of their image (just look at the great pessimistic artwork showing the "warmaster" again). The war atmosphere is supported by some short spoken samples of George Bush talking 'bout the war against the Taliban, but they're not added in an annoying way.

The production is more or less similar to the first album. Very clear and differentiated. I can hardly hear the bass, but the guitar is razor sharp (and not down tuned by the way!) and precise. Bass drum could be a little bit louder, but it's OK. Therefor the snare and cymblys are pounding really rough, great!

Nuclear Warfare could still improve in variation and writing more concise parts and songs. The record is good from start to finish, but there could be some more memorable parts. "Under the banner of lies" is great, more slow and heavy but speeds up in the chorus. Makes you headbanging! "Thrash metal tank" has just a cool title and a great shout along chorus. Best song here is probably "Lex Talionis", which is the most complex and interesting track. Its structure contains everything from fast thrashing to a short calm spoken part. Very good and chaotic riffing here!

I expect great things from Nuceal Warfare in the future. They have a lot of talent and capability and deserve the support of all underground thrash maniacs world wide! I hope to see them live soon, heard they're a blast!