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punk-thrash just for fun - 70%

Warfare, September 23rd, 2007

Oh my god, that's not only thrash, it's trash! Not that this is a bad thing, but don't expect the ambitious music you maybe know from their albums. Nuclear Warfare is a young thrash metal band from southern Germany and to me, they're one of the biggest hopes in that scene, because they're so totaly old school and enthusiastic.

On the 7" single "Dosenpfand muss weg" (means being against desposit for beer cans) they seem to explore the punk roots of thrash in a very funny and goofy way. The sound is dirty and burried under a mound of hissing. Concerning the music, the a side of this record is made in a much more primitive way than being used to Nuclear Warfare. It's a pure punk song, just some simple and happy chords and riffs and bawled vocals sending a kind of "political" mesage to the listener... Well the chorus says "Wir schei├čen auf den Dosenpfand, wir schei├čen auf den Dreck..." (could be translated as "fuck off to the desposit..."), which is indeed a very serious message, haha.

The b side with "Thrash Metal Victory" isn't that simple made, but still the sound is very buried. With a better one it could be on one of their albums. Chaotic thrash riffs and single notes and shouting vocals makes this an enjoyable song without being that great or outstanding.

On this little piece of vinyl you won't get the quality of the two highly recomended albums, but it's really cool and fun to listen to, when having some beer with your friends. Besides this, vinyl is just total kult and deserves your support! The artwork is really funny, showing a totally absurd scene at a gas station. Again, everything was made without the help of a record company, I wonder how they're doing this...