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Bringing the apocalypse to your ears - 90%

_underdog, February 8th, 2019

Ugh! One of the best thrash albums I've heard in a while, and tops Game Over in my opinion. Nice varied rhythms throughout which keeps it interesting, so we've got lots of speed and headbanging moments in this album. The drumming is also kept varied and interesting, and not just your usual bass snare pattern all the way through. Only possible downside for me is the production; it works for some songs like 'Survive!', but I would have preferred a slightly cleaner production for others. This album funnily has a dirtier production than Game Over, which surprised me.

Guitar work is solid, and shines on tracks like Survive!, The Great Depression and Technology, the fast paced riffing depicting this post-apocalyptic chaos. The chugging riff that introduces the track Technology is particularly crushing. Vocals were exerted with a lot of emotion and intensity, especially on tracks like Brainwashed. Only criticism is it lacks tonal variety throughout the album but hey, its thrash at the end of the day (world).

The highlight of the album for me without hesitation is The Great Depression. The varied rhythms between the verses and chorus, and within the chorus are awesome. There are moments I skip this song in areas I don't want to be headbanging because I don't like listening to this track without headbanging. The majority of the songs follow closely, so there aren't many fillers in this album, if at all.

Lyrically, although sometimes inaudible, it is kept interesting and you don't hear the same line chanted over and over like you can often get in less imaginative writing, which is a turn off. Quite clearly, the theme surrounds a post-apocalypse context; I'm a fan of apocalyptic themes and so although simple, I quite like the cover. It gives a nice visual to base your thoughts as you listen through. The closing track, a cover of Led Zeppelin's Good Times, Bad Times, fitted nicely, as it strikes me as the kind of track you'd hear on a dying radio in your wasteland shack... I don't know.