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Some competent headbanging material. - 79%

Nightcrawler, October 24th, 2004

The second Nuclear Assault full-length "Survive" is a pretty nice slab of NY Thrash Metal, and out of print so is a bitch to find - I've had the luck of obtaining one CD copy AND a picture disc of this one. Hell yeah.

This is just straight-up thrash, fast riffage for your headbanging enjoyment. The most unique factor of the band must be the vocals of John Connelly. He's got a weird, generally high-pitched voice, which is completely impossible to decipher without a lyrics sheet, but it works pretty damn well. Him and Anthony Bramante handle guitar duties very well - Excellent heavy moshing riffage abound ("Brainwashed" verse riff, for example. Absolutely crushing) in the classic New York vein, and also some damn nice, fast solo duels are blasted out here and there, always used effectively.

Some of the songs tend to blend into eachother though, mostly because of a rather bland production, but it all sounds good. Opening track "Rise From The Ashes" starts out nice, above midpaced and then goes into a menacing thrash break. Some songs are slightly forgettable, like "Technology" or the silly two-second songs. But for the most part, this album works damn well, and brings on the riffs you seek. "F#" is damn catchy and just damn nice, fast-paced thrashage, as is "The Great Depression" and "Fight To Be Free", which also features an excellent melodic intro. They also give us a fun cover of Led Zep's "Good Times, Bad Times" (Thrash covers of Led Zeppelin have a tendency to be amusing. Dark Angel - "Immigrant Song", anyone?) But the definite highlight is "Survive" - Now we'll see... what remains.. for the weak, THERE'S NOT MUCH! The fastest song on here, and monster headbanging riffs all over. The chorus riff is fucking nuts.

Overall, a very nice thrash album from the legendary Nuclear Assault. Sometimes the overly politically correct lyrics get a bit silly, but the music for the most part works really well, and the title track fucking owns you.