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A Thrash Masterpiece - 95%

NecroWraith, February 9th, 2007

Nuclear Assault seems to be fairly well-known and loved by Trash enthusiasts, but it is just about unknown to any non-metalhead. I think they are one of the most overlooked bands in history, and clearly did not receive the attention they deserved as one of the best thrashers out there.

“Survive” is Nuclear Assault’s best album, IMHO. The songs are nonstop adrenaline-pounding pure thrash and speed – exactly what metal music should be. Amazing pounding riffs are heard throughout the album, as well as several [amazing] dual guitar solos. The highly distorted guitars add a more heavier and dark sound to the riffs, which are guaranteed to keep you headbanging all album long.

One bad side of this album is the slight lack in production. Nevertheless, the music definitely makes up for it. All the songs are slightly similar though, so you don’t get much diversity throughout the album. However, I never found this to bother me particularly much.. There aren’t any fillers, as each track is kickass, but the album IS a bit on the short side. Adding a couple songs definitely wouldn’t hurt.

One song that surprised me to see on this album is a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times, Bad Times.” I must admit, Nuclear Assault did a great job covering it. I wouldn’t expect differently from them.

Unfortunately, this album is now out of print. VERY HIGHLY recommended, so looking for it on Ebay and buying it used would definitely be worth the money. This is what thrash is all about – give them a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

-Marcin C.