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Decent at times, but sometimes just doesn't work - 66%

UltraBoris, April 20th, 2003

This is their much-maligned final (?) album, though it's really not as bad as people imagine. It's just that, with precisely one exception, the violently awesome thrash breaks that the band is known for are just about gone.

That one exception... Poetic Justice. The lyrics are complete crap, but then around 1.35 (after the "bunghead motherfucker, I know you and your family, cocksucker" part) there's a fucking nice riff that pretty much is what we've come to expect from Nuclear Assault. Fuck yeah. A-banging we will go!! Come on, you asshole!!!

The rest... the opening track is pretty cool - kinda midpaced but a steady headbanging number. Then, Another Violent End has some cool riffs as well, and also some insane shredding soloing in the middle. It's at "Behind Glass Walls" where things fall apart a bit - there are just a bit too many acoustic passages in here and the song is kinda slow and goes through the motions far too much for its own good.

Chaos, also known as Don't Blame Me, is also pretty damn good, even though the chorus is just a bit forced with the yelling part... (Sign! In! Blood! anyone?) some good solid riffs to be found here in the verses and the middle section. The Forge and No Time... sort of the ballad section, and they aren't horrible but just not really brilliant. Hanging in the Balance, this is not.

To Serve Man is fast as fuck, and a bit tighter than their previous fast stuff (see the stuff on the second half of Handle with Care for instance) and there's a great speed metal break after the main solo. Nice fucking song. Madness Descends is another slower song... it's not as bad as the awful Wired from a few albums back, but it's not really great either. It rides one solid riff into the ground.

Oh and the last two songs... I don't even care. "It's art, man." I REALISE that you're trying to make a point here, but it's still completely wasting my fucking time. And The Other End is just a silly acoustic outro.

Overall - this isn't a bad album by any means, it's just not a great one. Sometimes the songwriting falls quite flat. It's probably worth getting, but don't expect another Game Over!!