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Thrash till Punk - 87%

dem00n, May 25th, 2012

This is what you get from a bunch of kids from New York born to write thrash. You have to think about the fact that New York at this time was surrounded by punk and thrash, so the crossover sound in this record is expected but this record has a few things that make it more special than others. The fact that the songs are longer than two minutes are pretty amazing, too.

You start off fast with Live, Suffer, Die, a song that really shows off what the band has to offer with musicianship, though not so much with songwriting. Short but fun, and is the sort of thing you expect from a thrash record. Next is Sin, which seems like the song is rising, or it could be me just going nuts. You are reminded of the vocals, something you can truly either hate or love. You start to notice that there is not much of technical side to the riffs, though they are still great. Gotta love the little bass you can hear in this song. Likler does a great job here. Cold Steel starts off slow, but then at fast speeds you can't sit down and listen to this song. Catchy lyrics here change the voice a bit, but its still got that sound. You can smell the punk influence here.

My name is evil
Soon you shall see
You will obey me
Or watch yourself bleed

Radiation Sickness starts off smooth for a thrash song, you then get a great bass line thumping away with the song. The chorus is what makes this song great. Radiation Sickness starts off soft, but goes on with a great riff that's slow and chugging. Then boom, the drums go off punching and gets you going. Stranded In Hell has some great riffs, but nothing really that special, along with Betrayal. Good songs. Hang The Pope is short, but great with thumping bass and non-stop drumming. What more can you ask? Mr. Softee Theme is useless, but a nice stop from the madness going on. Nuclear War is one of the highlights with its heavy riff that works in a non-heavy way. Yeah, I know it makes no sense, but just listen to it. It's a slow song compared to the others, but damn, it moves. Can't forget speeding down the highway with this blasting. You feel the rush from the engine, but the song just takes you away. A free trip.

My America is pretty useless, but not long. Vengeance gives you a boost before the long song next. Yet again we get the punk smell, it’s gotta be the bass. Love the vocal change in the song; it fits very well with the guitars in the background. Now the best song on the record. Brain Death is special because you can feel that the band is trying to find its sound and I think it's just beautiful. The intro always sticks with me. Anytime I think of a soft intro I’m trying to make, this always comes inside my head. The acoustic guitars seem to just blend into lava, sharp but soft. Then you have clean guitar and bass and the bit of jazzy, but bluesy influence here. Boom, you hear the guitar and drums. You look around and you hear the riff surround you, then suddenly drums and more guitars. Full blast, you don’t know what to do. You look around and your surrounded, scared, and alone just like always. The vocals mix in well and keep you wanting more. Help me, save me! You keep banging your head. The only bad thing about the song is that the riff slows down and lasts way too long. You kinda wait impatiently for it and the song to end, but besides that, what do we have?

Well, this record is far from perfect, but it just has that young feel that not a lot of thrash records have. You look at these other thrash bands and they want you to think you’re being raped by Satan's hot dog, but this record just wants you to die in a nuclear blaze. The drums fit perfectly; it's not worth mentioning, but they do well. The bass is one of the highlights of this record. How can you not love it? the guitars are great with a blistering tone and great playing. Solos are above average, but nothing special. The vocals are a highlight and are very different. If you hear these vocals, you automatically know it's Nuclear Assault. Great album cover as well, showing what the band is trying to get across: nuclear assault.