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Pure and simple....thrash!!!!!! - 88%

Estigia666, May 26th, 2003

Personal recognition go the album cover, one of the most hilarious ever made. The NA logo with the words "Game Over" below it and people running getting their shit ruined by the atomic blast that destroyed their city and will let them vulnerable to "radiation sickness" later on. The "game" is "over" for them. Hahahahahahaha. Geez, me and my morbid sense of humour.

So, what you're gonna get with this album. Well, thrash, simple and to the fucking point. A short instrumental intro lead us to "Sin", a fast number with great vocals and great riffs that go slower and crushing in the middle. John Connelly has that D.R.I. vibe to his way to sing. In fact, the whole album has a punk vibe to it. If you think about it, some hardcore-punk can't be bad if it is able to inspire bands like this. "Cold Steel" follows the same formula as the previous song. "My name is evil...." blah, blah, whatever the fuck he says, i'm too busy banging my head and playing air guitar. "Betrayal" is meaner, specially in the verses. "Radiation Sickness" is at this point the best song here, with some shouted vocals and the memorable "Die / Slow / Death!" line that makes you wanna hit the next person that dares crossing your path. Let's hope is not your gf, otherwise you won't get any love that night. In that case, you'll always have this album to fight the sorrow. Who says headbanging can't be therapeutical?

Next track follows, and the album turns a bit weird. If "Hang the Pope" isn't a hardcore song, i don't know what it is. "After the Holocaust", more headbanging, the usual Nuclear Assault "lets crush this assholes with some more thrash-meets-punk". Maybe too usual, almost an unremarkable song. "Stranded in Hell" begins faster, with a strong riff beneath the punkish drum pattern, and Connelly going wild again. More headbanging. Nice rhythm guitar backbone to the even nicer solo. Kudos to Anthony Bramante. He may not be technical, but his style is rich in good and catchy melodies. "Nuclear War", least punky and more thrashy. Fucking crushing in the verses. "Vengeance" walks into punk territory again, a very fun song with one of the catchiest chorus of the album. Of course, it makes you wanna headbang. Aren't you getting sick of this too? Where's my Garth Brooks album?

"Brain Death" is more interesting. Has an acoustic intro that precedes a solo bass line coming out of nowhere. Then the main riff, similar to the one on "Radiation Sickness", total thrash from then on. It goes slower in the middle, but no less effective. It is also the longest song, 7:14 minutes among the majority of others that clock around the 3 minute mark. Overall, get this if your thing is to simply thrash as consistently as you can. Remember, being complicated doesn't always mean better.