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French Toxic Holocaust - 70%

Werewolf, December 18th, 2009

The year when Joel Grind signed with Relapse and released a worse album than before – a similar 1-man project was born in France, called Nuclear Abomination. The inspirations are pretty much the same and they can be noticed easily while listening to this tape – Venom, Bathory and some more Punk-inspired stuff like early Onslaught. The result is raw and aggressive Satanic Blackened Speed Metal done in the best traditions. Despite the young age (18 when recording this demo), Max succeeds to create a great oldschool vibe in his music and knows how to handle the instruments, though the music is primitive (but good) anyway. I’m not sure if the drums on this demo are real or well done programmed ones, but they sound a bit synthetic, though hey – it’s still just the first demo and it’s not bad at all!

Overall it sounds pretty good, though I think that this project will sound better in the future if Max will perform more raspy BM-like vocals and less like a drunken punk, + a but more “punching” sound in the music would probably make it perfect, since for now – it still sounds “not bad but forgettable after the istening”. But that’s just me! Check this band yourself, since it definitely has a high potential! Joel’s first ever recordings sounded way worse!