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Between the opera and the war - 95%

the_hunter_steve, August 13th, 2003

Poem of a knight is an album telling us a story of two lover Anna "daghter of the king" and Luis "an opera singer",and this story is running at the age of kings when the art has its respectable place and the war its dramatic place of life.The album was made perfectly so that it really makes you feel the atmosphere of the story;the cover the lyrics and the sound of the album everything have made perfectly but there's another thing makes this album very special,because Nu.Clear.Dawn have released the first metal album "Poem of a knight" in Syria.Nu.Clear.Dawn are playing progressive metal in this album but the cello and the flute gives the album a little touch of symphonic sound.Amr is the vocalist and he really sings good and i can say that Shant is really perfect guitarist and Arams drums,Elies bass And A.Ks keyboards everyone is playing his insturment perfectly.The album starts with a slow insturmental song called "Overture" and this first song really makes you able to know what's the quality of the songs that you are going to hear in the rest of the album.

I recommend this album to all metal heads whatever your favorite metal genre is,and I know that this album is hard to find but maybe you'll find it in the trade lists take a look ;) .