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An incredible journey!!! - 100%

BlakWulfaz, October 14th, 2012

“50 minutes of fast blasting black metal with slow melancholic moments and dissonant chords, mixed with occult atmospheres and industrial sounds in a avantgardistic perspective.”

Right out of the gates, “Metempsychosis” already has my attention. The relentless blasting and the beautiful atmosphere have such a shine to it that the only word to come to mind is majestic. It is very driven with atmosphere, and heavily done so. Even though the music is brutal and fast-paced for a good duration, the slow, melodic sections and the “epic” quality really makes the music have a beautiful essence about it.

Nox Illunis paints this very magnificent picture of occult grandeur (especially with the artwork) that has a very “larger than life” feel. There are moments of more technical musicianship but for the most part the music is very somber, yet energetic at the same time. I love the soundscapes they use in between sections and songs, it is very tasteful and not overdone by any means. These guys really have put the right effort into this album to make it worthwhile to the listener.

“Sfera Terza: Della Caduta” in particular is one of the tracks that stands out the most to me because the structure of the song and the flow of the music is so dead on. I really felt as If the music was guiding me on a journey which ultimately leads into the next song, the flow is that good. I love when you listen to an album and it doesn't come off as here is song one, here is song two…but when the record is one solid flow of energy it really makes me privileged to listen. There is no bad song, no filler just quality, epic black metal. What REALLY sold me on the album is the use of Italian lyrics. I personally hate when foreign bands sign in English, because it ruins the whole feel of the band, and makes it seem unnatural to me.

To conclude, when this album is released, it is HIGHLY recommend from us here at Absolute Hell. These guys deserve the support for crafting such a phenomenal piece of music. It will be available from WAR PRODUCTIONS this year 2012 as a jewelcase, digipack, and digital download.