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Cerulean Romance - 100%

Melodeath_Ted, November 29th, 2012

A romantic evening where every emotion you possess is accelerated beyond it's natural limitations. Shrieking voices that ignite the fire you keep locked away in your soul. An inner beauty that ceases to end and stays with you for the rest of your days. This is a perfect short summary of the album. Funny what words can make you think of.

The Blue is Italian gothic/doom metal band Novembre's last release since 2007, which is a bloody shame, as it's very close to their best (Materia for me) In this release, Novembre will try something that they've never done before, and that's remove majority of the progressive tendencies that they were well known for and are intead vying for a verse/chorus approach. Oddly enough, this doesn't simplify the music at all. I guess it's because there are too many shred solos, acoustic passages, and sweet strings to really look at this album as "basic" or "simple" For the first time since Classica, the death metal esque passages are back and in full force, with Carmelo bringing forth harsh vocals that will practically rip the emotions from out of you, expelling them in a wave of sapphire sensations.

The guitar harmonies throughout the album are rich and full of Italian vibe, something Novembre does alittle too well in every release (The least noticable being Classica in my eyes) The acoustic touches are what really give this album it's "Italiana" essence, particularly in "Triesteitaliana", and "Cobalt of March" Each and every track radiates a completely different feel, while at the same time, having the same flow. There are romantic tracks like "Nascence", depressive tracks like "Cobalt of March", and blissful tracks such as "Argentic" Different themes, but all of them revolve around the same energy, or color, and that is, well... the color "Blue"

Carmelo's cleans have really taken themselves up a notch from their previous material, excluding Materia. I'm glad that Carmelo decided to use his Materia esque cleans, which multiply the "romance" aspect of the album. His harsh vocals are the very definition of "ecstacy" I actually enjoy them more than the cleans, which is something that has literally NEVER happened to me before. They spark an energy inside of you that can hardly be described. I literally get goosebumps everytime I hear certain sections of them, most notably in "Iridescence"

The drumwork by Giuseppe is slightly better than usual, which is a real bitch because he's perfect on every album. He's pretty much the most consistent member in the group, and in this release, he's packing so much energy. Double bass pedals off the ass. (Zenith and Triesteitaliana much?) The best he's ever done, really. Very technical, and fierce.

As I said (typed...) earlier, this album features a good blend of tracks, each with many interesting characteristics that at the same time, manage to stay true to the theme of the album. "Triesteitaliana" features some fast shredding, and acoustic interwoven in a very European way, (I mean that by feel AND by the way the instruments are played) while "Cobalt of March" will depress you into a state of inner hopelessness with the brooding cleans and calm passages. "Nascence" is by far the most romantic track of the bunch, and that mostly has to do with the female guest cleans that give off this perfect synergy with Carmelo's. "Iridescence" is to me, the most emotional track of them all, with a climax that just sends shivers down your spine. The cleans and harsh vocals are intertwined better in this track than in any other.

This album really is to me, the definition of "perfection" A must have for people who enjoy the emotional, melodic side of metal the most. If your aim is to seduce a metalhead woman, then this is your ticket in. Get it. Get it now.

Favorites: Iridescence, Cobalt of March, Triesteitaliana, Nascence, Zenith