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Look, it's Opeth backwards! - 100%

heavymetalvixen, August 30th, 2004

Okay, so you are probably all wondering why I woudl compare Novembre to Opeth, so I'll enlighten you all: instead of being like Opeth and adding in clean/melodic vocals every once in a while inbetween alot of death vocals, Novembre have decided to add in some death vocals once in a while between all the clean/melodic vocals. And I must say I enjoy this contrast a bit more.

Carmelo is a wonderful vocalist. His voice is incredibly powerful yet soothing at the same time. It's fucking bliss during the occasional times he humms during the songs (Valentine, Child of the Twilight...). Very very very few metal bands have enough talent and class to pull something like that off; I really can't stress this fact enough. His lyrics are full of beauty and imagery seemingly pulled from a fairytale, the Italian lyrics are a great touch as well; nothing adds so much to a song as a foreign language does.

The guitars are yet another gorgeous element in Novembre's music. Novembre have the ability to be incredibly technical, yet express so much sorrow and mystery all at once. Normally I would say the riffs will reach out and grab ya by the balls, but I feel that Novembre take a different approach and grab you by the heart. Even the bass riffs have been composed with a ton of technicality and emotion. Everything on this album is pieced together perfectly.

Guiseppe has proven himself to be quite the versatile and talented drummer. He plays alot of different and technical stuff on this album. Not to mention the excellent double bass which he has perfected the speed of during his work with Novembre. There is even a guest female vocalist during the song 'Valentine' (which comes quite close to being and instrumental), and occasional piano parts throughout the album as well.

Best Tracks: Distances, Come Pierrot, Child of the Twilight, Cloudbusting, Flower, Valentine.