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Tingly Teaser - 86%

OzzyApu, April 21st, 2009

This single was released two days after Materia as a download-only product. Bullshit, metalheads know better than to submit to the will of a single, so it’s rather pointless. The first two tracks are directly from the album; unaltered, untainted, and I humbly approve of them both. The first is a tranquil piece while the title track is more of a solemn piece with harsh vocals found near the end. However, whoever listened to this single first might be put off later when actually hearing the full album, considering that there barely are any harsh vocals on it.

The latter two consist of two acoustic jingles not found on the Materia. “Nostalgiaplatz” is a damn fun reprise of the original track found on Classica. While still retaining a poignant tone, its Italian culture kicks in and sounds very romantic. The vocals are vibrant and very clear, but not in the same quality as on Materia. The final track is one off of Novembrine Waltz, showcasing a much darker eminence than the previous piece. Compared to the original track, it’s much gloomier and sullen. Acoustics are well played on both and bass is booming because it doesn’t have any competition.

While this album remains a clever teaser, a more marketable approach would have been to release it, say, before the full-length was released? Also, still holding a price tag for this online is retarded. But is this single worthy as a single? Yes, and that’s what I grade it down to; but paying for it now is pathetic. Download the two acoustic tracks and carry on with hearing the real deal.