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What should have been!!! - 85%

grimdoom, July 23rd, 2007

Originally this was to be Novembers Dooms’ fifth album; however at the time of said albums creation/recording, the band decided to rethink what they were doing musically. The follow up album to 2002s’ ‘To Welcome the Fade’ was originally titled ‘Ascension’, then ‘Reflecting in Grey Dusk’ and it’s presumed that it was to follow the bands prior Doomdeath style. After the band announced that they were changing their format they turned this into a limited compilation and gave it away while playing a concert with the recording line up from said album.

This is why the following album (The Pale Haunt Departure) was such a ‘departure’ from the bands original sound. As anyone who has followed this band can tell you, it was a ‘departure’ from their Doomdeath mastery.

There are two songs of peak interest here; the first is “In the Absence of Grace” which was first recorded song (in demo form) from the band since 2004’s ‘To Welcome the Fade’. It appeared on the bands 2005 follow up ‘The Pale Haunt Departure’. The second song is their cover of Ozzys’ ‘Revelation (Mother Earth) (from the 'Legend of a Madman: Ozzy Osbourne Tribute') which was, until this was released, the only way to hear that song.

Over all, this is a good comp; the songs contained within are good choices. The only real let down is that the band changed their sound with such drastic abandon that their actual fifth album sounds out of place when compared to all six of them. This is worth hunting down if you’re a true fan of the band.