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Great EP! - 100%

grimdoom, April 29th, 2008

This three song EP is possibly one of the best EP's of all time. The songs were later seen on 'Of Sculpted Ivy & Stone Flowers' and they are slightly different on both releases.

The production is pretty good and the tracks clear. The songs are played slower on this than on the follow up album. This is the recording that defined the bands sound. The guitars, courtesy of the brilliant (and new) Eric Burnley, are amazing. They are a wall of sound that is both melodic and heavy. The atmosphere they create is mind blowing. The leads & rhythms are spell binding and evoke feelings of hope and despair.

The bass provided by the bands new bassist Mary Bielich, is stunning. They way she weaves in and out of Eric’s melodies is impressive to say the least. The drums are very creative and unique, avoiding all the clichés of the style. All together, the instruments are very ambitious and work well together.

The vocals are brutal and as always, top notch! Its quite impossible to find better Death Metal vocalist. Period! The lyrics are the typical fare for the band, but they're more in depth than on the prior release and not as abstract.

This is nothing short of brilliant Doomdeath Metal. This is highly recommended for all into the style.

(Side Note: This EP was added to the re-release of 'To Welcome the Fade'. There are two additional live tracks added; "Lost in a Day" & "Not the Strong" as well as a bootleg video for 'Within my Flesh". They showcase the band in a live setting for those of us not fortunate enough to see them. In short, they are incredible.