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For Every Leaf That Falls - 58%

Human666, March 30th, 2010

This Novembers Doom's EP is a semi decent collection of three melancholy tracks which should be experienced for only two or three listenings.

The overall sound quality is pretty good, guitars are heavy and somewhat clean, drums are mixed properly and the growling is well done. However, all of these mentioned above doesn't makes this release outstanding at all.

The riffing is heavy but it lacks any unique identity. There are no catchy moments with the rhythm guitars, just extended general slow heaviness without any climax. The leading guitars are fine, quite melodic, but they just don't have that cutting edge that makes you feel anything remarkable. The only thing that raises this EP from being completely generic doom release are the occasional female vocals that increase a dramatic vibe and have that operatic feeling that goes well with the heavy riffs.

Overall, it's a semi decent short release. I enjoyed it the first listenings but for the long range it's just another leaf that fall...