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Nosvrolok > Maledictum Parasytus > Reviews > Moravian_black_moon
Nosvrolok - Maledictum Parasytus

Good for a seldom listen - 74%

Moravian_black_moon, October 3rd, 2006

I find this album being played less and less. Though I don’t want to give the impression that this is a bad album. "Maledictum Parasytus" is an ok USBM album. Nothing really stands out here though. The vocals are probably the worst part of the album. I can’t quite describe the vocals, but I can assure they have some uniqueness to them, not necessarily a “good” uniqueness. Guitars are this album's strong point. I don’t like the sound of the guitars at all, really, but they are played with musicianship and the riffs made up are good ones. A drawback though is that I was expecting some raw black metal from Nosvrolok, but some of the riffs sound nothing like Black Metal at all (see Cunts-Seemingly, Salivating, Wet…), but are good riffs nonetheless. The drumming isn’t bad either. They fit very well for a somewhat “rockish” Black Metal album. The album ends with “Ritus Lunae”, an acoustic piece that I really enjoy. It really shows the musicianship that I was talking about.

So if you’re looking for a true raw and ugly black metal album, you won’t find it here. Nosvrolok did, however, make a decent start with this one in my opinion.