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Very underrated band - 95%

SirMichaelJ, August 30th, 2006

Nostradameus has released 5 cd since 2000, none of which has received any real critical acclaim. As for a power metal fan, I find this to be just a little bit unfair. The thoughtfulness of the lyrics, and level of technical and creative writing seems to go without mention.

The Third Prophecy is the third release and sees some real world issues and fantasy arise in the lyric content. There are songs that range from WWII to foreseeing the future.

Some of the better songs on this are Far to Strong, If We Believe, and Revenge is Mine

Far to Strong is a great opener track, strong lyrics, dual vocals for the chorus, and not to mention some very nice guitar work. Jake Fredén is the guitarist for Nostadameus and gets nearly no credit in the metal world. His solo in Far to Strong is something that could rival even the most accomplished power metal guitarists. Far to Strong in terms of lyrics is about one individual whose knows his limitless power and tells of the ravage and pestilence he can rain down upon the heads of his enemies. This song in particular has the best lyrics. How often does a band write about the power of ones self instead others? It’s empowering to hear how one can lament his own strength, yet embrace it.

If We Believe has some truly virtuoso like guitar work from Jake Fredén. And Very well done vocals from Freddy Persson. This song contains my favorite solo on the album. Not to fast or too slow, and it changes tempo midway through to a great heavy metal riff that’s more up-tempo. The lyrics on this song are about a society who takes for granted all that they have been given, and are far to blind to see how much turmoil they are in. But if the hopes and dreams of the righteous stay true, the society will be saved.

Revenge is Mine is overall the best song on the album, mainly because it’s very well rounded and has the best vocal performance on The Third Prophecy. The lyrics on this one are manacling poetic. Straight out of a movie where one man leads a rebellion against a leader who thinks little of him. This lowly warrior arises above it all to defeat his rival and cast his judgment, truly amazing and very power metal savvy. Musically it’s once again mind-blowing. All around there is top-level ability all around. This song doesn’t disappoint at all. The vocals are the best because they make use of the dual vocals and multi-layering. They are strong and powerful. The rhythm gallops along like your right there with band, and better yet it’s a song that clocks in at 4:02 so its not to long or to short, its perfect all around.

This band deserves a lot more credit than they do, each release progressively strays away from melodic power metal and more towards heavy metal, and this release is in-between so you get the best of both worlds from this band. Sit back and enjoy a great power metal album.