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The truth is, I don't like Gojira - 40%

6CORPSE6GRINDER6, May 16th, 2018

It's ok to be inspired by the bands you hear when writing music, but that influence better be underlying or you'll end up like one of this clones. This guys had the nerve to do that with their “progressive groove metal”. Even Gojira (that labeled themselves that way) was heavier than this, the progressive side of Nostoc -which isn't original either, it's just a clone from Rishloo- beats it's groove counterpart. Composition is heavily segmented, constant changes doesn't let you take grip of any emotion through the music really, it's lack of identity makes this music shapeless. It doesn't let you feel the heaviness of the intense parts either, probably because they recognize the lack of weight on the riffs.

The level of musicianship exhibited in terms of the complexity of the execution is notable, I have to admit. Not extremely hard to play or untouchable but it obviously involved hard work and practice, you can't take that away from them. Both guitarists and the bassist are skillful players, and the drummer doesn't fall behind either. There are interesting sweep picking guitar licks thrown occasionally, very Nintendo-core, slap bass sections and tapping, everything accomplished neatly. The drummer's dynamics are stable, in fact the heavy parts feature pummeling drums but the riffs fail to deliver. In the calm parts percussion is also the strongest part of the band. Vocals are clean in the calm arpeggio parts, not metal at all, but change to a weak post-thrash scream when distortion kicks in.

There's basic music theory applied in the correct use of scales but the songwriting skills are underdeveloped and amateurish. Songs are too long and not memorable due to excessively constant theme changes, there are some few moments of the album when it feels like it's standing up but in the end it doesn't. The sonic equivalent to digging through shit for scraps of gold, literally. You can definitely hear the progressive, what's missing is the groove… and the metal. The highlights of the album are the melodic, light hearted, ethereal instrumental sections.