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Great Funeral Doom - 95%

Hatecorpse, July 3rd, 2009

This album by Nortt is truly one a great effort in funeral doom and should be highly praised. It captures a deep and profound sorrow that will hypnotize you. In my opinion it is his best work.

Ligfaerd is very simplistic and very minimalistic in every way. The percussion is straight forward at all times and very rarely deviates from the simple one-two-three of snare,symbol,bass drum. You would think that this would be nothing special in funeral doom but in this case it enhances the music. Nortt's drums are very loud and have an almost explosive quality to them. Every time the kick hits it jumps into you. This makes the feeling of dread even deeper in the music because the percussion adds a feeling of something always approaching.

The looming percussion is perfect for the guitar. The guitar is very low and rough. It is hard to make out a lot of the time. He very rarely plays anything other than simple chords. When it comes down to it the guitar sounds purely evil and it couldn't get any heavier. The drums and the guitar combine to weave a great feeling of dread and approaching doom.

The best thing about this album is by far the keyboards and the lead work. Without them the album and the music would be nothing special. Again this is also very minimalistic but they don't need to be anything else. What Nortt chooses to do is perfect for the rest of the music. The keys and leads create an utter sense of loss and sorrow. Every moment of the music is a haunting experience. It truly sounds like hitting rock bottom. The vocals are tortured in every way. They come in very quiet and in the background and that is the perfect way for them to be. That recording style sounds like truly not caring. Then the few times when the vocals explode forth really capture the feeling of hate. This music is really only about a few things. Death,Hate, and Sorrow. His vocals capture that just fine.

I personally can't find any faults with this album because it achieves perfectly from beginning to end what it was supposed to. Music that is completely devoid of positivity. This is one of the best funeral doom albums ever made. It doesn't reach the levels of writing that say a band like Skepticism does. That is why I don't give it a 100%. Nortt will forever be a constant in funeral doom and this is far better than his first albums. If you need to listen to something intensely sorrowful,hateful,and evil this is it.