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Remarkably asthetic - 80%

tallhagillani, December 16th, 2007

Nortt is the king of depressive music; his music contains the quality to indulge the listener so much in the music that as long as the music keeps playing the listener forgets everything else in the world. I’ve never liked funeral doom metal but Nortt add this blackish feeling to his music and the blackish atmosphere which he creates is better than the atmosphere that is found on any ordinary funeral doom metal album.

People who like to stay depress most of the times will find this music very soothing and refreshing, mostly depressive metal fans will find this EP very interesting & enjoyable. The intro and outro are simple compositions of guitars and keyboards but there are 2 main songs on this EP, “Glemt” & “Dod og Borte”, both songs are keyboard oriented songs, one cold guitar riff stays constantly in the back ground while the keyboard plays its magic and keyboards in Glemt are lovelier than in any song I’ve ever heard, slow and depressive as hell and the guitars have been used more in Dod og Borte than in Glemt but here the keyboards also dominates. The vocals are brilliant; they’re deep grunts which are most suitable for this type of music, the vocals add to the beauty of the music.

Glemt is a wonderful song and is the highlight of this EP and of Nortt’s career. This sort of music is suppose to have depressive effect on you but if you get involve in the music then these songs will help you in relaxing and forgetting about everything else.